Wedding Cake Traditions

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Having a delicious, sweet wedding cake at the reception is a tradition that dates back to Roman and Medieval times. Though the look and style of the wedding cake has changed throughout the years, many of the traditions associated with the cake have not. Here are six wedding cake traditions you might not know about. Cutting the Cake The purpose … Read More

Are You a Bridezilla?

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Before the man of your dreams slipped an engagement ring on your finger, you probably laughed at movies, magazine articles and Facebook memes about bridezillas. But now that your wedding is on the horizon, could it be possible that you’ve turned into one yourself? If you’re planning a walk down the aisle in the near future, it’s absolutely vital to … Read More

Wedding Cake Trends 2015

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British brides are always the first to embrace new wedding trends and that includes taking risks when it comes to wedding cakes. If you’ve attended a wedding or thought about tying the knot in 2015, odds are you’ve seen (or even tasted) some of the uniquely delicious wedding cake trends of 2015. Cake Alternatives One of the hottest wedding cake … Read More