Are You a Bridezilla?

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Before the man of your dreams slipped an engagement ring on your finger, you probably laughed at movies, magazine articles and Facebook memes about bridezillas. But now that your wedding is on the horizon, could it be possible that you’ve turned into one yourself? If you’re planning a walk down the aisle in the near future, it’s absolutely vital to know the warning signs of a bridezilla so you can avoid winding up friendless and alone.

1.) You stop compromising and start convincing.

Your wedding is for you and your fiancé. That means that ideally, your other half should get to make at least some of the decisions regarding how the wedding, or even the reception, will go. While you probably don’t need to go for your groom’s wish for a Wayne Rooney impersonator to perform the ceremony, if your husband-to-be is a huge football fan, it’s at least nice to attempt to work some of his wishes into the big day.

When you stop compromising with your love and start trying to convince them to do everything your way, you’re probably on the way to being a bridezilla. If your fiancé doesn’t even try to offer input anymore for fear of your reaction, you’re probably already there.

2.) You’ve made strong suggestions to guests about what they should wear.

Granddad is color blind, so you’re just being helpful, right? Wrong. Telling guests what color socks they should wear is definitely a step towards bridezilla territory. Go ahead and unclench your jaw, the photos will look great no matter what granddad wears on his feet.

3.) You have called your suppliers so many times, you can recite their phone numbers from memory.

Sometimes, the hardest part about being a bride is trusting that other people can bring your vision to fruition. Remember that the caterer knows how to feed a crowd, the baker has probably made more wedding cakes than you’ve pinned on Pinterest and the photographer is being paid to understand lighting and know which pictures to take. Relax, take a step back and leave at least some of the work to the professionals you’ve hired.

If you find yourself needing to call every supplier to double-check that they’re ready for your big day, you’re likely coming across as a bridezilla, not efficient. Put the mobile down, breathe and have a glass of wine.

4.) You automatically go to Pinterest whenever you log onto the computer.

If you spend more time with Pinterest than with your fiancé, you may have a problem. You shouldn’t need to log onto Pinterest with your phone in the bathroom, or while you watch a movie with your other half. If you have more than a couple boards dedicated to your wedding and you start having withdrawals when you can’t log onto Pinterest, you may have a problem. If you’re not only obsessively pinning wedding ideas, but also sending them to friends, family and suppliers for feedback, you’re definitely harboring on bridezilla territory.

5.) You have nightmares about your wedding.

If your big day is haunting you, even in your sleep, chances are that you need to relax and take a break from planning. There’s nothing worse than a tired bridezilla on a rampage because she had a nightmare that the napkins were champagne when they should have been ivory.

6.) You can’t remember your groom or you don’t have one yet.

Groomless bridezillas exist and they are terrifying. There are actually women in this world (sorry if you’re one of them) that start their Pinterest boards and dress shopping before they even have someone to marry. If your wedding planning has taken over your life to the point that you can’t remember what your groom looks like because you haven’t seen him in six months (or worse, haven’t even met him yet), you need to check yourself into bridezillas anonymous ASAP.

7.) You’ve adopted a strange diet.

Not eating can make people crazy. Maybe weird pre-wedding diets are to blame for the existence of bridezillas? Regardless, if “carb” is your new 4-letter word, the chances are you’re either a bridezilla or a bridezilla-to-be. If you don’t eat delicious carbs or some other food group, you’re more likely to be cranky, crazy and generally no fun to be around.

8.) You’ve become obsessed with beauty.

There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and if a new tube of mascara or a nice haircut makes you feel great – go for it. However, there’s a fine line between feeling good about yourself and obsessing over beauty. If you’ve ever threatened your hairdresser with her own scissors, you’re definitely firmly in the bridezilla camp. Likewise, spending your entire wage on makeup and spray tanns before your wedding isn’t normal either.

Keep an eye out for these telltale signs of becoming a bridezilla. Taking wedding preparations to the extreme and micromanaging your nuptials is not the best way to start your life with the person you love. When it comes to weddings, every woman wants to have her dream day, but it’s important to remember that all you really need is the person you love, family and friends.

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