It’s a Cake of Two Halves

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If you’re a little bit of a rock chick, but your other half is a more of an old school raver, you might clash heads when it comes to choosing a wedding cake. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a winner-takes-all situation. Half and half wedding cakes let both partners get what they want in terms of style with each side of the cake taking on a different look. This confectionary compromise is the perfect solution for settling style disputes, incorporating a theme with a traditional cake or just giving your wedding a twist.

Show off Your Style

One of the most common reasons couples choose the half and half style wedding cake is to show off a particular side to their personality. Whether you’re trying to each express your individual tastes or if you want to incorporate your own style with a traditional design, a half and half wedding cake can let you choose 2 two looks that you love and combine them into one brilliant wedding cake design.


The idea of having two cake designs isn’t all that new. Traditionally, grooms had a special cake at the reception that would express their interests. Instead of having a separate groom’s cake, a half and half style cake can serve the purpose of a groom’s cake without having the expense of ordering two individual cakes.

Incorporate a Theme

Half and half cakes can also be great for enhancing the theme of a wedding. Whether you like batman, camping or even Disneyland, a half and half cake can combine your wedding’s theme and traditional elegance. By decorating half the cake in a whimsical way, the bride and groom can add their own personal touch to the celebration. Your half and half cake will be unlike any other wedding cake adding to the specialness of the day.


Divide and Conquer

If you’re sold on the idea of a half and half cake, remember that there’s more than one way to solve any problem. You don’t have to cut your cake straight down the middle with an equal amount of space for each design. Consider a slanted divide, waves, or even a horizontal divide. The design can vary by tier or the lower portion of the cake can be traditional with a whimsical top. There are many ways to divide your wedding cake for decorative purposes. The way you choose will depend on your chosen design and your cake maker.

If you want to make your wedding cake something to remember or just can’t agree on a style with your significant other, consider going for a half and half cake. You can’t go wrong working and compromising with your partner to create a cake that’s as unique and wonderful as the two of you are. Speak to Sweet Sensation Cakes on 01924 731911 to find out more.

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