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The wedding cake topper grew to the height of popularity in the 1950s when brides began choosing small figurines that represented togetherness. Today, the cake topper can be anything from figurines to flowers and represents more than the couple’s commitment – it represents their style. Here are 6 of the most popular styles of cake toppers:


The traditional figurine cake toppers still reign supreme, though today’s wedding cake toppers come in a much more diverse blend than those of the past. Today you can find a bride and groom of every hair colour, body type and ethnicity. You can even find comical figurine toppers with the bride dragging the groom to the altar or other funny poses.

Clay Dough

Clay dough offers couples the chance to get creative and make virtually anything for the top of their wedding cake. While people figures are popular, the dough can also be used to make animals, movie characters, boats, landscapes or even an entire family of figures, complete with children and pets. Couples are only limited by their imagination and the capabilities of the designer.


Monogram cake toppers are rising in popularity. The toppers can be as simple or intricate as a couple likes. A simple monogram cake topper can be a plastic letter representing the couple’s last name, or a beautiful metal creation adorned with Swarovski crystals. Many couples display the monogram cake topper in their home after the wedding.


Flowers are a simple, yet beautiful way to top a wedding cake. They’re practical, because they create no waste and in some instances they can also be dried or turned into potpourri after the wedding. The flowers used to top the cake usually match the flowers in the bride’s bouquet.


Practical and eco-conscious brides often choose fruit as their wedding cake topper. Fruit is not only beautiful,  it also comes in a rainbow of colors to match any wedding’s theme and to top it all [pun intended] it’s completely edible. Fruit toppers enhance the look of the cake and offer a sweet snack for guests to enjoy.

Photo Toppers

One of the newest trends in cake toppers are photo toppers. These personalized pieces use a favorite photo of the couple and turn it into a solid, cake-friendly 3-dimensional design. A simple clear acrylic heart encasing a photo of the couple can make a beautiful addition to any wedding cake.

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