Wedding Cake Flavours to Make Your Mouth Water

Red-Velvet-Cake Leeds

You probably have a favorite wedding cake flavour, but that might not necessarily be what you choose for your wedding. Finding the perfect flavour to appeal to a large group of wedding guests can be stressful, but choosing one of these top seven cake flavours is sure to win you approval from most of your guests. Choose a different flavour for each layer and you’ve found a sure-fire way to create a wedding cake that everyone will love.

Chocolate fudge with salted caramel

You can’t even say the name without salivating. The sweet and salty combo is one that is very popular lately and for good reason. The flavour of the cake is very trendy and upscale and it’s melt in the mouth texture is sure to bring a taste of luxurious indulgence to your wedding celebrations.

Red velvet

Red velvet is one of the classic cake flavours and while it was out of vogue for a while, it’s quickly gaining popularity once again. Today’s red velvet cakes are sometimes made using food colouring rather than beets, although at Sweet Sensations we don’t think you can, ahem, beat [sorry, I couldn’t resist!] the texture you get from using real beetroot. Use a vanilla buttercream for a filling to contrast against the bold red colour of the cake.

Vanilla sponge

Another classic flavour, vanilla sponge, is one brides love because of its simplicity and history. The cake is often a place for brides to bring a bit of tradition to their wedding celebration and few flavours are more traditional than vanilla sponge. This cake flavour is a real crowd-pleaser. Fill it with jam and buttercream for that extra hit of flavour.

Carrot cake

Carrot cake is not a universally loved flavour, but it is a wedding go-to choice for many of today’s brides-to-be. Carrot cakes were traditionally chosen because they stay moist for long periods of time, which was a big consideration to brides when cakes had to be made days in advance and refrigeration for a large confection was not readily available.

Lemon drizzle

Lemon drizzle cake is adored for its filling as well as the cake itself. The inside is a sweetened lemon flavoured buttercream and with added lemon curd. Sweet, tangy and zesty what’s not to love about this delicious wedding cake flavour?

Cherry cake

If you want your wedding cake to be something special that you don’t have every day, try a cherry cake. The flavor is sweet and nutty, with a hint of spice. The unusual cake is best paired with a simple vanilla buttercream, but a rum flavoured buttercream can be delicious as well.

Coconut cake

Tropical weddings and weddings with tropical themes often have a coconut cake as the wedding cake. Even if you’re not getting married abroad, who wouldn’t want to bring a touch of exoticism to their wedding? The tropical flavour pairs well with lime buttercream and will make you feel like you’re standing with your feet in the sand while you eat it.

Want to try some of these tantalising wedding cake flavours for real? Contact Sweet Sensations Cakes today to arrange your FREE taster session.

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