Wedding Cake Trends 2015

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British brides are always the first to embrace new wedding trends and that includes taking risks when it comes to wedding cakes. If you’ve attended a wedding or thought about tying the knot in 2015, odds are you’ve seen (or even tasted) some of the uniquely delicious wedding cake trends of 2015.

Cake Alternatives

One of the hottest wedding cake trends of 2015 is to buck the cake all together. Instead of a baked tower of indulgence, some brides are choosing individual cupcake towers by the droves. Cupcakes are fun to eat, delicious and customisable. When arranged on a stand, the impressive towers make for interesting conversation pieces and irresistible displays.

Cupcakes can be coloured to match a wedding theme, or they can be decorated with ribbons and embellishments. The tasty treats are easy to eat and much faster to serve than traditional wedding cake.

Less common were other types of cake alternatives, including macaroons, cheese towers (no, really) and dessert tables.

Naked Cakes

The old saying, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” certainly applies to this wedding cake trend for 2015: the naked cake. No, you don’t have to blush at the sound of this dessert — we promise, this is one aspect of your wedding day where it’s totally acceptable to be in the buff.

Instead of covering the outside of the cake with layers upon layers of fondant and/or buttercream, many brides are looking to increase the filling between each tier and leave the individual layers exposed, for a fresh (and delicious!) look.

It’s not uncommon to see naked cakes adorned with tasty looking fresh fruit and berries.

Bright Colours

Traditionally wedding cakes are plain white, which just doesn’t always sit well with the modern British bride. Instead of having a run of the mill tiered cake in the corner of the room, brides were opting for bold colors and large embellishments, like lace and even pearls. The resulting cakes are bright, beautiful and almost as pretty to look at as the bride herself.

Along the same line, metallics are also very popular. Metallic embellishments, including gold leaf and tinted buttercream are very popular. Metallics are often mixed with bold colors to help tone down the color without dampening the excitement.

Exotic Flowers

Florals are back in a big way, but not just any garden-variety of flowers – exotic flowers. From hibiscus to orchids, brides are accenting their wedding cakes with exotic flowers. Beautiful cascades of colorful blossoms and leaves on a stark white background make for a statement cake that’s as beautiful as it is delicious. Floral cakes are classic, but using exotic flowers instead of more traditional choices like roses gives the look a modern twist.
Of course, importing exotic flowers to decorate a cake can be expensive, so cake makers are recreating some of the fancier florals from fondant or other mediums to get the same look from materials that are more readily available.

Exotic flowers are not only beautiful to look at, many are also boldly colored, which plays nicely into other wedding trends for 2015.

If you’re planning a wedding, odds are that you’ll encounter at least one of these confectionery curiosities while choosing a cake. Even if you don’t like any of these trends, if there’s one prevailing notion from 2015, it’s that brides can do whatever they want at their weddings.

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