What to Consider Before Attempting Your Own Wedding Cake

Whether you’re planning your wedding alone or you’ve got a team of friends and family to help, the truth is that there is so much you need to take into consideration to make your big day go off with a bang. So much so that being a bride-to-be can be pretty stressful from time to time, and some brides want the whole affair to be over so they can enjoy their wedding festivities and start living life as a married woman (and relax on the honeymoon, of course!).

One question that many brides ask is whether or not they should bake their own wedding cake, potentially saving them money and ensuring they get the cake of their dreams, but unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. Below, we’ve put together some of the things you should consider before you bring out the mixing bowl and start baking a momentous cake…

Can you really not afford to pay for a wedding cake?

Before you run off hurriedly to the supermarket to stock up on flour, sugar, and icing, take a step back and consider whether or not you can afford the attentional expense of a wedding cake. Thrifty brides and those on a budget are naturally going to look for ways to save a few pennies (bear in mind that the average wedding in the UK costs more than £30,000), but the right cake can transform your reception and quite literally be the icing on top of a brilliant day.

Sure, a custom-designed wedding cake is going to be more expensive than buying an iced bun from your local bakery, but you should do some research and see how much your dream wedding cake will cost, as it might be more affordable than you first think. Get in touch with Sweet Sensations Cakes, as we match any like-for-like wedding cake quote, guaranteed.

Will you be able to make a cake to a deadline?

In the run-up to your big day, there are so many little things you need to think about, like your hair, makeup, nails, eyebrows, dress, family politics, and more. Do you really need the added pressure of baking a delicious wedding cake, with enough slices to feed the 5,000? It’s all well and good baking a few fairy cakes with your kids, but when it comes to a multi-tiered, beautifully-decorated wedding cake, you’ll need a clipboard and a couple of trial runs…

Are you a good baker and cake decorator?

 There’s no denying that designing and baking your own wedding cake is special and can add an extra touch to your dream day, but unless you’re an experienced baker with years of practice, then it makes sense to leave it to the experts and pay for a wedding cake. You’ll need to stock up on cake pans, parchment paper, knives for releasing the cake and cutting the icing, cake boards and drums, and spatulas and bench scrapers, and they can be pretty expensive and difficult to master. Add in a turntable, shortening, powdered sugar, fondant rollers and smoothers, and the whole thing becomes complicated and stressful. Unless you are Mary Berry herself, handing over the responsibility to someone else is a sensible idea!

How will you get your cake to the venue?

When was the last time you delivered a wedding cake to a reception venue? Trust us: it’s not as easy as it sounds! Watching for speed bumps and potholes, carefully holding onto the box whilst trying not to squeeze too hard so as not to spoil your sugar-laden creation. Your blood pressure will be high enough on your big day, so leave it to the specialists and head to your nuptials in style, knowing your cake will be there when you’ve finished the “I do”s. At Sweet Sensations, we offer delivery and setup of wedding cakes in Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford, and the surrounding areas, so that’s one less thing to worry about when walking down the aisle!

If the idea of baking a cake seems daunting and scary, then don’t do it! Your wedding day will be amongst the most important days of your life, so consider paying a wedding cake specialist to do the hard work for you. Contact Sweet Sensations Cakes today on 0113 277 4010. We are on hand to design and deliver breathtaking cakes for your wedding day.

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